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Replacing Upper Motor Mount; Two Cylinder ETec

This project, replacing upper motor mount, can go from being easy to being a real first class pain in a hurry. If it has got to the point the customer complains of a “no shift” situation, well let’s just say you will need more than a motor mount. Read this information about boats to help you with replacing the mount.

Replacing Steering On an Outboard Motor

Replacing the steering on an outboard motor usually will come with a couple of surprises that you aren’t prepared for.Steering 1 Information about boats shows in most cases you will find cramped spaces and corrosion is no friend of yours.

Steering 6 There is no such thing as bringing all of the tools you will need to the boat on the first try

Boat Anchors: One for Every Occasion

Anchors are like cars, there are thousands of makes, models, and designs to choose from and they all claim to be the best. However, just like cars, there are a few brands that are popular, reliable, and used by most of the population.

Trailering A Boat: Some Tools You May Need

Towing or trailering your boat to your next great boating adventure should be a breeze and not its own harrowing and nerve-wracking adventure.boat trailer 1 Trailer towing is a special situation that places demands on your driving skills, your towing vehicle’s strength and your boat and equipment. Information about boats and trailering will help you to avoid some pitfalls and problems that other captains have experienced.

Boat Propellers: Make an Informed Decision

When it comes time to buy a new boat propeller, selecting the right propeller for your needs is an important factor in maximizing your boat’s performance. Choosing the correct size and style of prop will keep your engine operating within its RPM range and allow it to apply maximum horsepower in the water. There are two important keys and information about boats to understand and evaluate: diameter and pitch.

DIY Tips For Your Outboard

There are several simple boat facts regarding outboard motors that can make small repairs easy. When researching information about boats, ensure that you know the make and model of your engine to find accurate information. The best way to keep your engine running great is by regular preventive boat motor maintenance. This common boat fact can keep your motor running well and reliable for years to come.

Personal Watercraft: Fishing Pontoons

When it pertains to a fishing pontoon on the lake or river the optimal platform is the pontoon. This does not indicate that all pontoons will work for every circumstance. Prior to buying one you should thoroughly research information about boats for the various kinds readily available to you. Some things to think about when making your choice consist of exactly how far you are going to have to move the watercraft, exactly how you are getting your watercraft into the water and exactly what sort of water you are visiting to fish in. This is good information about boats and will enhance your buying experience.

Evinrude and Johnson Gear Replacement: Older Model 18 & 20 HP

Replacing a gear set on these engines is a relatively easy job. There is someforward gear 1 information about boats to talk about to make sure you know which parts need replacing and how to do this. Please feel free to email me at cliff@oursuccesstogether.com if I can help with anything.

To remove the gearcase you not only have to remove the retaining bolts, you also have to uncouple the shift shaft. To do this, these engines have an oval like plate on the starboard side of the exhaust housing retained by 2 flathead screws.

Octane Fuel Ratings and Your Engine

These days, information about boats and motor manufacturers say their engines can run on 87 octane fuel, but when you pump 87 octane, is that what you are really getting?
Many boat owners and car drivers associate a higher rating with higher quality. But it may be an incorrect boat fact to assume that higher octane ratings equal higher performance. Gas companies buy into this as well labeling lower ratings as “regular” fuel and higher ratings as “super.” While some may believe that paying more means better quality, the truth is, they might just be paying more for the same product.